Spa Jacuzzi

How about a spa day.... at home?

If you enjoy enjoying from time to time a day of relaxation and you have space and budget for it, investing in a spa at home is definitely worth it. There is nothing more delightful than having your own private spa. Today, the smallest bathtubs are available in "bubble version", which offers a solution for small bathrooms. And why not indulge yourself by investing in a real jacuzzi. Several types of spas exist and can meet your needs: built-in spas, and portable spas. Swim spas and inflatable spas respond to more punctual or more "sporting" needs. If your means are more limited, then do not hesitate to buy an used spa. Here you can find hot tub for sale, perfectly matching your wishes.

A spa day at a low cost

The spa is much more than hot water: it is an experience in its own right. Having a bathroom with candles, good products and pleasant music is already a good start for a spa day at home. For a moment of absolute relaxation, do not forget the smells and perfumes. Most spa centers have a wide range of essential oils, so you can dive into the right frame of mind. Why not do the same at home? Buy an assortment of essential oils.The influence of odors on our brain has been proven over and over again, and we can not underestimate their importance for a successful spa day. Do you want maximum relaxation? Opt for lavender. For a stimulating effect, peppermint and lemon grass give a real boost.

Spa house: advices

Here are some tips to create a spa at home. Give yourself a real moment of well-being, with these tips:

  • Ambient light / candles
  • Essential oils
  • Pleasant music
  • Suitable products
  • Good temperature
  • Phone unplugged
  • Spa items for your home


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