Spa Jacuzzi

Amazing body sensations with great effect

The hot tubs or spa Jacuzzi (Jacuzzi® being a registered trademark of the name of its inventor) are more or less large bathtubs equipped with nozzles propelling a mixture of air and water. Immersion in this hot water provides an immediate sensation of relaxation. It is true nothing like to relax that to dabble in a hot tub. Nothing better to spend a nice time with family or friends, or a more intimate moment with your lover. A pleasant moment where we float and cut reality or all our little worries of everyday life. But let's be more serious the spa Jacuzzi is not only luxury tool or relaxation, it has real benefits for our body

Bubbles that make us live again!

Medically speaking the spa Jacuzzi has many benefits, indeed this mini-pool heated to over 33 ° C with swirls could be a new form of fountain of youth. First of all, the high temperature of the water allows to completely relax all the muscles of the body, it opens the pores thus evacuating the toxins in your body. This causes a well-being effect of resting the body, a weightlessness effect as if our body floated in space, this feeling will greatly relieve people suffering from osteoarthritis, the pain will be greatly reduced by the temperature of the water and that buoyancy sensation. This allows a real regeneration and a rest of the body.

Air bubbles have a relaxing effect

This immersion in hot whirlpool water, also called spa, has effects that correspond to both hydrotherapy (therapeutic benefits of water), hydromassage and balneotherapy. When immersed in a hot whirlpool (33 to 40 ° C), air bubbles have a relaxing effect and the well-being felt helps to fight against stress, anxiety and improves the quality of the body Sleep. The jets of water have for their part massing virtues on the whole body or in a targeted way according to the orientation of the nozzles and their power. They can be used to eliminate muscle tension, relieve the joints of people with osteoarthritis and arthritis (effect reinforced by the feeling of weightlessness), lumbar tensions, back stiffness.


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