Spa Jacuzzi

Using a swim spa properly

The sale of a spa tub for sale of which there are different kinds is very fashionable, among them the swim spa which is an ideal. With it you can practice swimming as well as enjoy a bubble bath, all with one or more pools. It is easy to use, but to be able to enjoy it well, it is always better to know more about how it works.

Practice swimming against the flow with the swim spa

The biggest advantage of a swim spa is that you can practice swimming in a small space. Indeed, it requires only little space compared to a swimming pool and therefore is well suited to a garden. We can place it where we want how we want, on our terrace or in a small corner of our garden, underground or above ground. You can also use it however you want, according to your needs, work on your swimming or use it for kinebalneotherapy, perform strength training exercises or practice water aerobics, all in a minimum depth of 1.35m.

Obviously, swimming is the first activity that can easily be done in a swim spa effectively. It is possible to adjust the power of the jets according to the level of difficulty that we want for our training.
To do this, you just have to face the current and swim. We can use a special or elastic strap to tie us, in order to stay in place, either to the bust or to the feet.

Swim spa: relaxation and relaxation

Another advantage of the swim spa is its relaxation or relaxation function, often placed at the corner of the pool, and which is equipped with massage hydrojets. it is not necessarily sticking to the spa but separated by a physical barrier in order to allow it a temperature different from that of the entire spa to benefit from a good moment of well-being, i.e. a temperature of 38 ° c in average versus 26 ° C for the entire spa.

This separation is ideal if you want a quiet moment to relax after each exercise. However, the temperature must first reach the temperature required for a perfect moment of relaxation.
The swim spa is a complete product, you can relax with its hot bubbles but also train to swim to be in good health.


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